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How to Reverse Sear a Steak

Our steak of choice for this cook was a couple of bone in Ribeyes. A little over 600 grams each and around 2 inches thick, these great specimens were rubbed with Jackalope Trading Co killer SPG rub on both sides. I sat these out on the bench for 30 minutes prior to placing in the HogPit Smokers Squealer.

Once the smoker hit 225F (anywhere between 225 - 275F is fine) I placed the steaks in the smoker. I used a mix of oak kindling and Clean Heat BBQ lump charcoal to fire the smoker up (Butane Torch) and for flavour I placed 2 chunks of American Oak on top when the steaks went in.

I like my steaks medium rare so was aiming for an internal temp of @ 125F.

It took around an hour for these steaks to hit 125F. Beautiful colour from the Oak smoke. When they hit my desired temp, I removed from the smoker, placed on a warm plate and loosely wrapped with alfoil.

Whilst the steak was resting I opened the firebox lid, placed a double split ironbark log on top of the fire to get it cranking to around 450F at grill level. This took around 7-8 minutes.

I then seared both sides of the steaks for 90 seconds each, removed from grill and rushed upstairs to slice. Perfect medium rare!

This was my first time using the Hogpit Sqealer's Sear Grill. It worked a treat. Getting it up to temp was a breeze and the flames from the Ironbark kissed the meat as it was searing and provided a great crust on the outer surface. The colour and taste from the American Oak smoke was fantastic and the SPG rub was a winner! I think my Kamado Joe has some stiff competition!



Clean Heat Eco BBQ Charcoal - This hardwood charcoal is the same as the restaurant grade only smaller pieces better suited to smaller domestic bbqs like Weber kettles, Weber Jumbo Joe, Weber Smokey Joe, Weber Smokey Mountains, Weber Go Anywhere, ProQ verticals and Hibacci style BBQs Clean Heat Charcoal is manufactured in South Africa from Colophospermum mopane, commonly called mopane, mophane, mopani, is a tree in the family (Fabaceae), that grows in hot, dry, low-lying areas, 200 to 1,150 metres (660 to 3,770 ft) in elevation, in the far northern parts of Southern Africa. Mopani hardwood inhibits the growth of short grass which impacts heavily on the food supply for native Sth African grazing animals such as Rhino, Impala and Springbok. Above all, Mopani lump wood charcoal and briquettes are a renewable product. Not only are you offering tremendous flavour at your next barbecue but you are also choosing a positive environmental option.

Jackalope SPG Rub - The perfect ratio of kosher salt, restaurant grade pepper and garlic, this rub is perfect for low and slow cuts of beef, or as an easy steak seasoning. From bolognese to chicken, sprinkle the SPG anywhere you’d season. Jackalope Slow Food rubs are made locally in Brisbane with no Flavour enhancers or anti-caking agents.

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