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The Best Smoking Wood Types for Different Meat

Wanting to up your BBQ game for your next family or friend gathering? Give the old and outdated gas barbeque a rest and see how mastering the art of barbeque smoking can give you the best tasting meat you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.

Traditionally, gas barbeques use direct straight onto meats to cook them, but through wood smoking, indirect heat is used to slowly cook the meat and infuse a smoky aromatic flavour. Using smoking wood is just one of the ways you can start up your smoker barbeque; you can opt for charcoal or even mix a bit of both.

But there’s a few things to note on smoking wood specifically, so you can get the absolute best out of your smoker. A great starting point is by knowing which woods give the best flavours to specific pieces of meat.


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Smoking Woods to Use for Different Meat

Generally, all woods that aren’t filled with sap and are sturdy make for good smoking wood. But some types of wood give off a less smoky aroma, while others last longer and can infuse all the way through tougher meats – some smoke is just better than others. To get the perfect low and slow barbeque meats, knowing the ideal wood types can really take your barbeque skills up a notch.

It’s best to think of smoking woods within a spectrum – from mild to strong. What this is referring to is how sweet, bitter, and/or strong the smoke flavour is when each type of wood is burned. With that, certain types of meat are better for milder or stronger smoke levels. To make things easier, we’ve compiled some of the main types of woods you can use for your next barbeque session.


Popular Smoking Woods

Known for leaving a slightly fruity and sweet taste, apple wood is great for achieving a mild smoky flavour. This is a great option for smoking poultry, pork (ham), beef, and even some seafood.

Cherry wood is a fail-proof option when it comes to getting a sweet and mellow flavour for your barbeque smoked meats. It goes well with any sort of meat, so you can opt for cherry wood when just starting out and see whether you’d prefer more or less of a smoke taste.

Oak is another great option, but it has a slightly less fruity aroma and is stronger in smoky flavour than cherry wood. The best meats you can pair oak wood with is beef or lamb – though, oak wood is a versatile choice for any type of meat, so you won’t be disappointed.

By a long shot, the pick of the bunch for smoking (for both heat and flavour) is ironbark for all red meat. Also excellent with pork and chicken. Ironbark has excellent burning qualities and adds a subtle smoke flavour. It has good all-round flavour and burns hot and long. Ideally you want your ironbark to be seasoned for more than five years and ideally with a moisture level of less than 9%. Certainly a favourite here at Ironwood Smokers!

Perfect for offsets and pizza ovens. Great with all meats, redgum provides a strong smoke infusion and gives a great flavour profile to all cooks. Burns hot and long.


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Compared to other fruit woods, pecan wood emits a fruitier taste but is lesser in strength than hickory wood. It goes well with smoking poultry but will do justice in infusing a nice flavour to any other cut of meat.

A very subtle nutty and sweet smoke full of flavour. Pairs well with beef, pork, fish and cheese. Works especially well with all pork cuts. Burns long with a subtle blue smoke.

Hickory wood is known to have a very strong scent when used as smoking wood. It’s a popular option for pork ribs as it tends to give off a flavour like bacon, but it’s also nicely paired with beef or lamb as well. Pecan is seen as the Australian Hickory equivalent.


To get the best out of your smoker, you need to know your smoking woods. Getting in touch with reliable smoking wood suppliers can ensure you’re equipped with high-quality wood for your next barbeque. At Ironwood Smokers, we’re experts in everything to do with smoking wood, charcoal, barbeque types, rubs, sauces and the-like – so get in touch today!

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