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redgum red gum chunks

Redgum Chunks - 1kg

Our Double Split Murray Red Gum is a great alternative to Ironbark. Similar to hickory, red gum imparts a strong flavour into the meat. We are not saying that it overwhelms the meat, though, it just gives meat a pleasant smokiness flavour. It burns Slowly and Produces a Moderate Amount of Smoke. Red gum ignites and burns slowly with a low flame. Both of these features make it ideal to use in a smoker along with the fact that it produces a moderate amount of smoke.Another reason to use this wood in a smoker is that it complements a wide assortment of meats. You not only can smoke beef and poultry with it, but you also can use it on pork, lamb and wild game for favourable, flavourful results.
    PriceFrom $7.00
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