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Johnny Mac’s Rubs
  • Johnny Mac’s Rubs

    - Chicken rub (285g) Developed originally for use on wings as a unique spice rub – this versatile rub has hints of asian spices and offers a subtle heat in the finish.But don’t restrict yourself to just chicken! Crazy Chook works well on all cuts of poultry and we’ve even enjoyed it on pork ribs and fish!- Ready to take your beef to the next level?Bonkers Beef (240g)  lifts the flavour of any cut of beef, providing a rich blend of spices for the perfect steak, rump, picanha, tri tip, brisket or whatever your favourite is!- Give your pork dishes a punchy hit with our Punchy Pork! (240g) From ribs, to shoulder, even chops you’ll add an amazing flavour with a great colour to your cook.- From chops to racks, shoulders to backstraps, our Lively Lamb (175g) offers a herb hit with a hint of lemon and a touch of heat. As an alternative, try it on some grilled halloumi!All rubs are Gluten FreeMSG FreeNo Artificial Colours of FlavoursPreservative Free
      PriceFrom AU$16.00
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