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Firebrand Charcoal, Firebrand Briquettes, Firebrand BBQ
  • Firebrand Premium Briquette BBQ Charcoal 10kg

    **BULKY ITEM**

    The World’s Leading Briquette BBQ Charcoal


    With a pure and clean burn, this is our flagship product and the first ever hex briquette BBQ fuel introduced into the Australian market in 2006.


    Since 1995, we have produced this game changing BBQ fuel using a sustainable composition of 100% natural hardwood raw material that is unique to Firebrand. No chemical additives or binders are used throughout this process giving you a high quality end product with unparalleled performance.


    Our Premium Briquettes is globally recognized as the world’s leading briquette BBQ charcoal which has since become the leading charcoal fuel used in the hospitality industry in Australia. All Firebrand products are produced from 100% natural wood with no chemical additives or binders.


    100% Natural Wood BBQ Charcoal

    No Smoke – No Sparks – No Odour

    High Heat – Long Lasting – Very Low Ash

    Between 10 – 30cm Length Pieces

    Temperature Range - up to 400c

    Grilling Burn Time - 5hrs+Smoking Burn Time - 10hrs+

    10kg Heavy Duty Packaging

    Box Dimensions - 38 × 24 × 24 cm

    Clean Carton Box Easy to Store

    Double Bundle Strapping with Inner Lining Plastic

    Perfect For All Charcoal Based Applications


    Firebrand® was born in 1995 out of a lifelong passion for charcoal cooking and BBQ!


    Firebrand Australia is proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated and is the leading charcoal wholesaler, supplier and retailer in the country. Specializing in the manufacturing of our own signature Briquette Charcoal and Premium Natural Hardwood Charcoal, we have built our reputation on a consistent and premium quality product.


    With the pioneering of Firebrand® Briquette Charcoal in Australia in 2006 under Firebrand Australia (formerly TSM Pacific International), our products have set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. Firebrand® has become the most highly regarded and preferred choice of brand used in establishments across Australia.

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