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Fire Slap Triple Black BBQ Gloves - Standard Sleeve
  • Fire Slap Triple Black BBQ Gloves - Standard Sleeve

    Fire Pits – Hot Grills – Smokers – Charcoal BBQs – Fireplaces – Burning Wood – Commercial OvensHeat and melt resistant, Fire Slap BBQ gloves are your gloved friend for facing the heat when cooking.


    Designed for use around BBQs, pizza ovens, fireplaces and camping stoves and perfect for handling burning wood, charcoal and hot metal. Made with an exclusive blend of Nomex and Kevlar, Fire Slap gloves allow you to work with temperatures as high as 540°C, making them a must have accessory for anyone serious about BBQ!


    Triple Black BBQ Gloves available in standard sleeve only. Includes black, drawstring kit-bag for easy storage.



    Standard / mid-forearm sleeve length – 35.5cm / 14 inches

    Soft double-knit cotton interior

    Nomex/Kevlar fire retardant blend

    Silicone finger gripHeat resistant up to 540ºC

    Machine washable

    Lightweight design

    Tested to International Safety Standards; EN407 certified

    Designed in Australia


    WARNING: Do not use with steam or while wet. These gloves are designed for limited exposure to direct heat and do NOT provide permanent protection against fire or heat. The higher the temperature of a surface, the shorter the gloves should be in contact with it. Eg. When picking up a piece of burning charcoal, we recommend holding it no longer than 10 seconds. 

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