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David’s Kosher Salt - 453g and 1.12kg
  • David’s Kosher Salt - 453g and 1.12kg

    David’s Kosher Salt consists of extra coarse white crystalline flakes. It’s perfect for topping baked goods, brining and every day cooking. The taste is pure and it dissolves quickly.Coarse flaked and Kosher – this is the salt of choice for professional chefs and home cooks. Pure in taste and quick to dissolve, this Kosher salt is perfect for improving the flavour of all your meals without adding that distasteful commercial table salt flavour. In a handy shaker container.Kosher salt, which is more uniform in size than sea salt, has a coarse texture which makes it easy to pinch when cooking. This helps when seasoning your food, as you can better control how much you are pinching than with other salts. Kosher salt also has a less intense and more pure, salty taste than the other types of salt.Kosher salt originally got its name from the Jewish practice of koshering meats. When applied to butchered meat, its larger flakes allow the salt to easily draw blood without over-salting the meat. (It really should be called Koshering salt.)Generally we use Kosher salt for meat and recipes that call specifically for it. Because the larger flakes hold onto moisture, Kosher salt essentially holds the moisture inside of the meat. It keeps pork chops tender, steaks juicy, and chicken breast moist.
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