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Low and Slow: What are the Best Meat Cuts and Rubs Available?

The practice of smoking meats goes back for thousands of years. There’s archeological evidence to prove that some civilisations started smoking red meats and fish more than 12 centuries ago, making it one of the oldest cooking methods known to man.

Today, the act of smoking isn’t only used for preservation, but it also gives meats a delicious flavour. Especially if you use a tasty rub and let it marinate overnight. In this article, we’ll go over the different rubs and cuts you can use to smoke your favourite meats.

The Best Meat Cuts for Smoking

Smoking meat is an act that requires a lot of practice. Likewise, there are some cuts that are easier to smoke than others.

The best way to perfect your technique is to start with a type of meat that’s easy to prepare. Once you have mastered entry-level meat smoking, you should move on to more complicated cuts.

Here are some of the best meats for smoking.

Pork Shoulder

Pulled pork is a classic recipe for beginner smokers and pork shoulder is a great cut for this meal. Not only this, pork shoulder is easy to smoke when compared with other cuts, so it’s perfect for first-timers. And, because it comes in bigger chunks that can weight well over 5 kilograms, it’s ideal to

feed a large crowd.

Beef Brisket

Brisket is one of the toughest beef cuts you can get, but a good smoker can turn this into a tender mountain of tasty meat. It also comes in huge chunks, so it’s no surprise it’s become a staple in most family BBQs.

Beef Ribs

Once you’re confident of your smoking skills, you can move onto beef ribs. Cooking this type of meat is challenging, but if done properly, it can be one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever had.

What Rubs Should You Use?

Although fish was the first type of meat to be used for smoking, you can also use pork, chicken, lamb, and many others. Keep in mind that different pitmasters can use different techniques, but they all rely on smoke to give their meats their mouth-watering taste.

That said, using the right rub can help add the finishing touches and result in a tasty meal that can feed your family for days.

Honey and pork make a great combination, especially if the pork comes in the form of bacon. If you are looking for bold tastes that veer from the traditional, using a honey bacon BBQ rub may be just the thing.

Keeping a specific rub for each type of meat can become a problem, especially if you have regular barbies. Instead, you can opt for an all-purpose rub that is suitable for chicken, pork, and many other types of meat.

Memphis has earned a reputation for having some of the most delicious smoked meals in the world. You can bring that same flavour to your house with Jackalope’s Memphis Magic Dust rub. It goes great with pork ribs, but you can also use it to smoke chicken and even prepare deep fried buffalo wings.

Get the Best Meat Smoking Equipment and Accessories

Humans have been smoking meats for centuries and this practice shows no signs of dying out. The tips above should help you choose the best cuts and rubs in order to start smoking your own foods.

Need help in finding the best equipment and accessories? Take a look at our shop or contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

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