Ironwood Barbecue - Small Batch Ironbark Charcoal - 15kg Bags

Our new range of Ironbark Charcoal has undergone months of testing and has proven to be a BBQ weapon. Quick lighting, very little smoke at start up (grey not black!), no fireworks! quick to temp, long and consistent heat with very little ash. Below is a run down of our Ironbark Charcoal -

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Great sized chunks, very little to no dust in our 15kg bags. High carbon with very low moisture content (No fireworks or black smoke at start up)

Long consistent burn. Again, no crackling, fireworks or smoke.

Minimal ash and high heat when required. Middle Pic - Smoker still at 150f 3hrs after initial chimney start up (chimney fired up 4:48pm, 150f temp reading at 7:42pm).

Chimney at start up - 4:48pm. (2 x firestarters)

4:54pm. 6mins after fire up.

4:59pm, charcoal dumped into smoker firebox. 11mins after chimney fired up

5:03pm, 15mins in.

5:23pm, smoker at 250f. 35mins from firing up chimney to offset smoker at 250f.